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Kishya Essentials line of natural, plant based products are formulated and produced by Candacee Rakem (Jamaican born, fashion designer, natural hair care specialist, vegan chef).

Twenty plus years ago, Candacee's daughter Yashima was diagnosed with Chronic Atopic Dermatitis
(eczema), after relentlessly trying numerous conventional methods of treatments including over the counter topical creams and lotions all proving to be friutless, Candacee decided to ease her daughter's anguish by trying her hand at her own home remedies together with a vegetarian lifestyle she was finally successful.

From inception her unintentional journey into the natural products industry was just the beginning.
Candacee now produces over fifty individual healing products under the brand names, Kishya Essentials,
Candi Rakem Natural Body Treats and Wholistic Life.
All good-to-go for the entire family's hair, face and body care. Exclusively manufactured by hand; blended, bottled, packaged and delivered with strict vegan/vegetarian principles.

The Kishya Essentials brand has far superseded our expectations, it not only provides a real natural line of
personal care products which proudly displays an all inclusive full disclosure simple language labeling system, but it brings into your home products that packs the punch because they truly get the job done over and over again resulting in very happy satisfied customers in the United States and abroad.

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